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Alexander Nikolaevich Antamoshkin

Alexander Nikolaevich Antamoshkin was an outstanding scientist and organizer of scientific activity, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor and Laureat of the President of the Russian Federation Prize in the field of education. He was also an Honoured Worker of the Higher School of the Russian Federation, Honorary Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, winner of three medals of the Russian Federation of Cosmonautics, and founder and leader of Siberia’s largest school of scientific thought on mathematical modelling and optimization of complex systems.

Alexander Nikolaevich Antamoshkin
(25.09.1951 – 25.04.2017)

Alexander Nikolaevich was born on September 25, 1951 in the Omsk Region, and in 1973, he graduated from Tomsk State University with a degree in Applied Mathematics. He completed a postgraduate course of study, defended his Ph.D. thesis in the field of random search algorithms, and worked at the Kemerovo State University at the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Faculty of Mathematics. Since May 1988, the life and work of Alexander Nikolaevich has been associated with Krasnoyarsk and the Siberian State Aerospace University (SibSAU).

In 1991, Alexander Nikolaevich established and opened the Department of Systems Analysis and Operations Research, which for the first time in the practice of Krasnoyarsk universities began to train specialists in accordance with international standards, including language tuition, and to actively participate in international exchanges of students, PhD students and teachers. All lessons with students were conducted in English, foreign teachers were invited, overseas students received tuition, and international scientific projects were undertaken.

To date, dozens of graduates of the department have worked at universities in Russia, Germany, the United States, the Czech Republic, Spain, Finland and other countries. Many of them have defended their dissertations in Russia and in foreign scientific centres. Today, the department, of which Alexander Nikolaevich was the undisputed leader, has become the most powerful scientific team in Siberia in the field of systems analysis, control and information processing, and an inexhaustible source of talented young PhD and Dr.Sc. for universities, enterprises and other organizations of Krasnoyarsk. Under the leadership of A.N. Antamoshkin, the department created and launched their own system for training elite specialists in the field of information and analytical activitу, which implements individual educational trajectories based on the early involvement of students in research activities. Thanks to this system, over 15 years more than 25 PhD dissertations have been defended by young people aged 23-25, dozens of undergraduate and graduate students have become laureates of prizes of the President of the Russian Federation, the State of the Russian Federation, and the Mayor of Krasnoyarsk. They have also won regional personal scholarships, and have received prestigious awards at international and all-Russian scientific conferences, Olympiads and competitions.

It is difficult to overestimate the contribution of Alexander Nikolaevich to the formation and development of SibSAU and the improvement of science in Krasnoyarsk. He trained numerous talented students, many of whom became Doctors of Science long ago. His teaching, that of his students and, in turn, that of their own students has led to a total of over 100 PhDs and more than 15 Doctors of Engineering, Physical and Mathematical, and Economic Sciences who are currently working at the Siberian State Aerospace University, industrial enterprises, government agencies and universities of Krasnoyarsk and Russia. Only at the Department of Systems Analysis and Operations Research do Doctors of Science work, namely the students of A.N. Antamoshkin L. A. Kazakovtsev, I. V. Kovalev, I. S. Masich and E. S. Semenkin. In addition, the department employs its graduates, Doctors of Engineering Science E. D. Agafonov, A. A. Stupina, PhDs S. S. Bezhitsky, M. V. Karaseva, L. V. Lipinsky, I. A. Panfilov, A. S. Polyakova and E. A. Sopov. Students of Alexander Nikolaevich and, in turn, their own students work at other departments of the university, namely Doctors of Engineering Science O. E. Semenkina, V. A. Terskov, I. N. Kartsan, O.A. Antamoshkin and PhDs Sh. A. Akhmedova, S. V. Burakov, S. R. Vishnevskaya, T. R. Ilina, Yu. G. Koshkin, V. V. Stanovov, G. B. Khorolich, A. V. Gumennikova, E. P. Morgunov, O. N. Morgunova, S. V. Tynchenko, V. V. Tynchenko, V. V. Bukhtoyarov, M. N. Zhukova, V. G. Zhukov, V. V. Zolotarev and others.

The outstanding human qualities of Alexander Nikolaevich, his kindness, honesty and justice, genuine respect for colleagues and students complemented his creative abilities, talent as a researcher and teacher. He left a deep imprint on people’s souls with his good deeds and outstanding achievements in science and education. In 2017, students and followers of Alexander Nikolaevich created the Siberian Institute for Applied Systems Analysis named after him, within the framework of which they continue his work and develop his ideas. The Siberian State Aerospace University named after M.F. Reshetnev established a scholarship named after A.N. Antamoshkin for outstanding students who achieve significant results in science and education in the field of systems analysis, control and information processing.